Sources tarballs

See recent changes, and build instructions.

The simplest way to install CDuce is to use one of the packages included in the Debian, Fedora, or Ubuntu Linux distributions.
The simplest way to compile (and install) CDuce is probably to use the CDuce package in OPAM. Alternatively you can use the GODI distribution select the apps-cduce package. An option in this package allows you to use the current SVN development tree instead.


Debian and Ubuntu Packages


CDuce is packaged and available both in Debian and in Ubuntu distributions. Just do apt-get install cduce.

Mandriva and Fedora Packages


CDuce is packaged in Fedora distribution since Fedora 8. Just do yum install cduce.

Windows XP binary


An XP installer including cduce and dtd2cduce binaries is available for CDuce 0.5.x:

MacOsX binary


An MacOsX installer including cduce and dtd2cduce binaries is available for CDuce 0.5.x:

Project status

You can browse the current Git development repository.

You can also download the Git repository through an anonymous access using git:

    git clone

You can then do git pull to get an up-to-date version of the repository. Please check the Bug tracker for current issues with the development version.

You can access our svn snapshots here.

Side products


ulex is a lexer generator for Unicode and OCaml written by Alain Frisch. Here is the ocamldoc-generated documentation. Recent changes.

  • Download. Version 1.1, for OCaml 3.10 (ported by Nicolas Pouillard).
  • Download. Version 0.7, for OCaml 3.08, 3.09.
  • Download. Version 0.4, for OCaml <= 3.07.

Gerd Stolpmann posted a message to the Caml-list which explains how to migrate from ocamllex to ulex.