Sixième réunion de Tralala, 21 janvier 2007, Hotel Plaza, Nice.

Note: Il est possible/souhaitable s'enregistrer à POPL et à PLAN-X
  1. [08:50] Accueil
  2. [09:00] Vincent Balat. Typed Web Programming in OCaml with Ocsigen.
  3. [09:45] Dario Colazzo. An efficient algorithm for XML type projection.
  4. [10:30] Coffee break
  5. [11:00] Alain Frisch and Haruo Hosoya. Towards Practical Typechecking for Macro Tree Transducers
  6. [11:45] Haiming Chen. Representation of XML types beyond regular and an optimized strategy for type-checking of regular expression types
  7. [12:30] Lunch
  8. [14:30] Kim Nguyen. Type-Based XML Projection (Shall we start at 2PM???)
  9. [15:15] Emmanuel Filiot, Joachim Niehren, Jean-Marc Talbot, Sophie Tison. Polynomial Time Fragments of XPath with Variables
  10. [16:00] Coffee break
  11. [16:30] Business meeting: project termination extension (proposed Dec 07), future projects, next meetings, ...


INRIA : Alain Frisch ; Lille : Anne-Cécile Caron, Emmanuel Filiot, Olivier Gauwin, Joachim Niehren, Sophie Tison ; LRI : Véronique Benzaken, Dario Colazzo, Nils Gesbert, Cédric Miachon, Kim Nguyên ; Marseille : Lucia Acciai, Clara Bertolissi, Silvano Dal Zilio, Jean-Marc Talbot ; Paris 7 : Vincent Balat, Giuseppe Castagna, Jérôme Vouillon ; Invités : Gavin Bierman (Microsoft Research), Haiming Chen (Chinese Accademy of Sciences), Elena Giachino (Università di Torino), Françoise Gire (Université Paris I - Sorbonne), Haruo Hosoya, Kazuhiro Inaba (Tokyo University), Luca Padovani (Università degli Studi di Urbino)

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